Saturday, April 18, 2009

Young Liars #14

by David Lapham

It's been announced this week that Young Liars is going to be ending with issue number 18, leaving us with just four more installments of this wonderful comic.

I'll admit to being highly skeptical of this series when it first started. I didn't really like the first couple of issues, but I saw a lot of potential in them, and decided to just trust in the fact that they were being done by David Lapham, and so I continued to buy it. By about issue 6, I put it on my pull list, and have not regretted that choice ever.

This series is kaleidoscopic, in that Lapham is using the same story elements to constantly shift around the reality that is being shown to us. From issue to issue, I feel a certain level of cognitive dissonance that I find fascinating - each time the narrator changes, there is a completely different story being told, but I can't shake the feeling that all of what is being portrayed is the truth in some way.

This issue focusses on Annie X, the anorexic former super model, who is now also Jackie, a nurse being used to spy on Danny (now Johnny) in Browning. Similar events from last issue are shown, but from Annie's completely different perspective. As usual, it's excellent. It's really too bad that Lapham has only four more issues to tell this story.

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