Saturday, April 25, 2009

Viking #1

Written by Ivan Brandon
Art by Nic Klein

Before even talking about the content of this comic, the packaging needs to be discussed. This comic is about an inch wider than a standard comic, and the cover has two different types of finishes - the background has a matte finish, while the two figures are glossy. The paper inside is also matte, and it absorbs the colours in such a way as to make them warm and luminous. It is a beautiful book, and it is only priced at $2.99. In a comics environment where the standard book is now sometimes going for $4 a pop, this is the bargain of the week.

The comic is good too. I have to say I found the story a little confusing at first, as I wasn't quick to be able to recognize individual characters, but it still kept me intrigued enough to want to read it again, and to buy subsequent issues. There are a couple of Viking brothers, who I suppose are Viking criminals, and some other people want revenge on them. There's enough to work with there.

The big draw here is the art. Klein's pencils remind me of Ryan Kelly (very apt, as this book reminds me a lot of Northlanders), but he also has some pages that appear to be watercolours, and his colouring is fantastic. I love the use of zip tones (that's what you call the dotted stuff, right?) and the scratchy look to the art in places.

I think this title has a lot of promise, and I'm glad to see such a unique project on the stands.

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