Monday, April 13, 2009

Doomtree Blowout

This the first DVD released by the Doomtree collective. It chronicles the set-up for the Blowout 2 concert, and then features the concert itself. As well, it contains about 6 videos, and an odd collections of outtakes and extras.

The concert footage is stunning. It looks like it was a great show, and the crew really show their talent. There is a lengthy (very lengthy) dance segment in the middle of the performance, which I found I skipped over, but the rest of the dvd held my attention very well.

Worth special mention would be Turbo Nemesis's segments wherein he tells his story about cruising around Minneapolis with a man named D, and later when he takes the camera on a tour of the Doomtree Mansion.

Included with the dvd is number 13 in the False Hopes series of cds, featuring 12 tracks, most of which I'd never heard before.

All of the tracks are worth owning, but I was especially impressed with the instrumental offerings from Lazerbeak, Paper Tiger, and Cecil Otter. I think it might be time for an all-instrumental release from these talented producers.

This is a must-own.

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