Monday, April 13, 2009

Sahara Swing

by Karl Hector + The Malcouns

Recently HMV had a 5 for $20 Stones Throw promotion, which at first got me excited, and then, looking through the display, I realized I already owned practically every album offered, or knew for certain that I didn't want to buy them (I'm looking at you James Pants). The only unknown factor for me in this promotion was this album here. It was only $6.99 as a single cd, so I thought it was well worth the risk.

My thinking upon purchasing this was that while some of the Stones Throw output can be a little questionable at times, Now-Again records is a much safer bet, and how bad can a cd of German Afro-funk be?

As it turns out, I like this album a lot. It's pretty much exactly what it looks like it's going to be, and that's a good thing. It doesn't bring me to tears, or change my outlook on life, but it is a nice, reliable little album, that I enjoy listening to. If only more things in the world could be counted on like this.....

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