Saturday, April 4, 2009

Scalped #27

Written by Jason Aaron
Art by Francesco Francavilla

This is another 'done-in-one' story focusing on a single member of the Scalped cast, in this case, FBI agent Baylis Nitz, who is Dash and Diesels' boss, and who has been largely operating in the background, with very little opportunity to date to show that he is anything other than a bastard.

This issues delivers his backstory, explains his motivations, and continues to show that he isn't really anything other than a bastard.

Aaron is joined on this issue by Francesco Francavilla, an artist whose work I have enjoyed in various places - Sorrow, Zorro, and Tales of the Starlight Drive-In - and who I hope will soon get a regular book. His sensibilities fit really well with the gritty feel of Scalped, and he'd be perfect to take the book over if Guera were to leave.

Another excellent issue of the best book Vertigo publishes.

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