Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ignition City #1

Written by Warren Ellis
Art by Gianluca Pagliarani

Much as 'Jack Kirby' has become a genre in comic books - read Godland - I think that 'Warren Ellis' is close to becoming a genre as well. Consider: Alternate past (in this case, Berlin in 1956); Space Travel (even if its more regulated in this title); Ballsy Girl Who Lacks Reverence (Mary); Violence (I'm not sure what kind of gun that is); and Strange Humour (mouse turds?).

These are the elements of more than half of Ellis's creator-owned work. The thing is, it works for him. Mary's story has me intrigued - I want to know more about her dead father, and I'm curious as to the workings of Ignition City. Ellis does work with consistently familiar themes and settings, but he also switches them up on a regular basis, and keeps his work fresh.

Pagliarani's art looks great here. His Ignition City is very grungy, and I like the design he uses for the buildings, which appear to be repurposed rocket ships. I see a lot of potential in this series.

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