Saturday, April 11, 2009

Infinite Horizon #4

Written by Gerry Duggan
Art by Phil Noto

Like the journey of the unnamed protagonist in this series, and Odysseus, on who's story this title is modeled, the time and distance between issues of this amazing series are indeed very long. This comic was solicited for April of 2008, and is only now appearing.

It was completely worth the wait though. The injured Captain is taken to a hut somewhere in Africa to heal from the wounds that he endured last issue. As usual with this voyage, things don't work as they should, and the Captain ends up crippled both physically, with an improperly healed leg, and mentally, with both addiction and some form of PTSD. Meanwhile, his wife continues to seek the return of her son, and to do business at the end of a gun with people from a sunken New York City.

Duggan and Noto have done an incredible job of re-imagining the Odyssey. I will admit to a lack of familiarity with the portion of the tale that this issue is representing, but the way in which they have chosen to modernize this story is fascinating. Noto's art looks great, and the story reads well, even after a one-year hiatus.

I hope that I don't have to wait another year before I get to read more of this story.

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