Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Superconcious Knit Tee

I love this shirt! It's like the return to classic LRG - when they seemed to be promoting an ethos as well as a clothing line. It reminds me of some of their older slogans:

  • Adopt children, not styles
  • Education through imagination
  • Deeper roots, stronger branches

While I've always loved their look, I've missed the more philosophical LRG.

On top of all that, the shirt is a piece of art - the embroidery, and the different plaids are a thing of beauty.

I hope to see them producing more items like this.

Scalped #22

Written by Jason Aaron
Art by R.M. GueraThis is the book that more people need to be reading monthly.

Jason Aaron's portrayal of life on the Prairie Rose Indian Reservation continues to expand, as we see the first murder Chief Red Crow ever committed in flashback, and watch him try to walk the right path today.

There is no sign of Dash Bad Horse this month, be we do see more of Dino Poor Bear, Mr. Brass, the one-armed Hmong, and Gina's spirit bundle.