Saturday, April 18, 2009

Doktor Sleepless #12

Written by Warren Ellis
Art by Ivan Rodriguez

For whatever reason, my regular comic store didn't get this at all, and my back-up comic store only appeared to have copies of this weird "Giganta dancing to the Organ of Electricity" black and white wrap-around cover, which makes me wonder a few things, primarily if having 4 or 5 covers of every comic they produce actually garners Avatar more sales. I really like this series, but I can't imagine that there are more than 3 or 4 people out there that would want to own multiple copies, or that think it's going to be some ultra-rare send your kids through college book some day.

Once I got past the cover, I quickly remembered why I like this book so much. Ellis is working on such a slow burn with this title, both in terms of plot and release dates, that it is easy to forget what is going on with the different sub-plots and various characters (I totally forgot that Sing had a boyfriend), yet each issue quickly draws me back into its web.

Heavenside continues to fall apart in this issue, as the gang war heats up and problems arise for Preston Stoker. Also, the Doktor starts a free medical care program. There is a great exchange between the homicide cop and members of the Headhunters gang.

So this book just keeps grinding along (pun intended), and getting more and more interesting with each issue.

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