Saturday, April 18, 2009

DMZ #41

Written by Brian Wood
Art by Nikki Cook

This would be the best book that came out this week.

To begin with, I love the cover. I was upset when I heard that Wood wouldn't be supplying the covers anymore, but I think this is the best-looking issue of the series to date. I don't know who's decision it was to paint the logo the same colour as the rest of the cover, but it totally jumped out at me as I was going through my stack of new books, and is one of the few comic book covers I would consider hanging as art in my home. John Paul Leon should be commended for his innovation here.

Then, the story. I've liked Zee since she first appeared in the series, and so I was happy to hear that she was getting a solo-issue appearance. I was even happier to see that Wood used this issue to explore some of the things going on in the DMZ outside of Parco City, and to not focus on Zee pining for Matty through the whole thing. She's a very strong character, and she's been allowed to stay a strong character.

Nikki Cook's guest art is suited perfectly to the story, and carries the same sensibilities of artists like Kristian Donaldson and Ryan Kelly. Her look fits into the tone of the series quite nicely. I would love to see more of these one-shot issues, as I'm getting a little tired of Matty, and I feel like there is a lot more in the DMZ to take a look at.

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