Friday, April 24, 2009

No Hero #5

Written by Warren Ellis
Art by Juan Jose Ryp

Warren Ellis's story of drug-induced super powers and the nature of heroics is chugging right along. Josh, having survived the horrifying effects of FX7, is not embracing his new role, and so, in the middle of a total crisis, Masterston sends him out to wander around San Francisco (without, apparently running into any X-Men), where he is mysteriously the only person able to stop an imprending disaster, save the city, and become a hero in the eyes of the public.

The big reveal at the end of the book doesn't really work for me - I don't understand how revealing the truth to Josh is anything but counter-productive. So while I don't really understand this, I do totally trust Ellis, and am looking forward to the last two issues of this series.

Ryp's artwork just keeps getting better and better. While I have a hard time understanding Josh's new physiology as Ryp draws it, his action scenes - especially those involving the airplane - are spectacular. I figure it's not too long before he gets snatched up by one of the big two to draw some kind of big crossover wide-screen action title.

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