Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fables #83

Written by Bill Willingham and Matthew Sturges
Art by Mark Buckingham and Andrew Pepoy

This is the start of The Great Fables Crossover, a story that will be jumping from this main title into spin-off Jack of Fables, and its own spin-off, The Literals over the next three months.

As I follow both on-going books, I'm familiar with the status quo in each. Had I only been reading Jack's book (although, based on sales numbers, I think its usually the other way around), I'm not sure that there is enough exposition in this issue to help me understand what is happening.

The issue focuses mostly on the conflict between Bigby and the Beast, and what that conflict reveals about the presence of Mr. Dark in Fabletown. This whole issue also provides the reason for Bigby and Snow to travel out to meet up with Jack in his title.

Most interesting in this issue is Stinky, or Brock Blueheart, as he now wishes to be called, and his new personality cult that centres around Boy Blue. I'm curious to see where this plotline leads.

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