Friday, July 9, 2010

Sweet Tooth #11

by Jeff Lemire

As the last issue focused exclusively on Gus and his hypnosis by Dr. Singh, it is only to be expected that this issue would be used to finish filling in the back story of Mr. Jeppard, the man who delivered Gus to the hands of the militia that is currently incarcerating him.

When last we saw Jeppard in flashback, Abbot had taken his pregnant wife from him.  In this issue, Jeppard wakes up in a dog cage, and is only kept there because he may prove useful to Abbot's plans.  He learns from a helpful worker that the facility he is in is used to experiment on pregnant women, and that his wife is in labour.

It should come as no surprise to learn that his rescue attempt fails, and we learn why Jeppard is out on the road and willing to kidnap Gus when they first met at the beginning of the series.  As usual, this is a hell of a good comic.  It's a quick read - especially compared to Lemire's Atom Special that came out this week, but I find this series has its own internal rhythm to it that is quite effective.

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