Saturday, July 17, 2010

Madlib Medicine Show #6: The Brain Wreck Show

mixed by Madlib

The Medicine Show hits the half-way mark, and Madlib gives us a mix of "global psychedelic, progressive and hard frock & funk circa 1968-1976, culled from the isolated reaches of Madlib's 4-ton mountain of vinyl", as the slip of paper on the spin of the jewel case tells us.

This is a pretty different offering from the previous ones,  as the usual hip-hop or jazz elements are missing, and we get instead an incredibly eclectic mix of music, with the typical samples of comedy and strange recordings (like the Bugs Bunny anti-drug PSA) interspersed throughout and around the music.

I didn't recognize any of the music, except for one piece which I believe Madlib looped to form the beat for one the tracks on Madvillainy, or perhaps for another MF Doom project (I can't quite remember).

This disk comes with a lengthy and paranoid essay about the American government and the Catholic Church, and really does feature a picture of rabbits humping on the cover.  Next month:  Madlib jazz!

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