Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Doomtree Standards Mixtape

mixed by Paper Tiger

I love Doomtree, so this is the type of project that I feel was created just for me.  Paper Tiger, in advance of his upcoming new album, has put together this half-hour mix made up of the best of Doomtree's catalogue, but with a twist.

The twist is that this is a mash-up project, where he has combined the instrumentals for songs with different a capellas.  This makes listening to this project pretty disorienting - a beat comes on, and suddenly the lyrics aren't what I expect.  However, it's disorienting in a good way, as I find that I'm hearing things in some of the songs that I've never noticed before, and I'm appreciating them on a different level.

The entire Doomtree crew is represented on this disk.  Now I can't wait for the Paper Tiger album.

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