Sunday, July 4, 2010

Madlib Medicine Show #5 - History of the Loop Digga, 1990-2000

by Madlib

This edition of the Madlib Medicine Show concerns itself with Madlib's early history, and gives us a look at the music he was creating during the 90s, when he was a part of the group Crate Diggas Palace, before joining the Lootpack.

The tracks here are mostly instrumental beats, the vast majority named simply Episode (followed by a number in Roman numerals).  They are more complex and textured than you would expect from an artist just starting out, and definitely give a hint as to the level of talent Madlib possesses.  Many of them sound as if they could have been made recently.  The instrumental part of this disk has an ambiance and charm to it that I wasn't expecting.

Towards the end, there are a number of Crate Diggas Palace recordings, although the names of the other MCs are not recorded anywhere.  They are not lyrically very impressive, but it is a little like listening to early Lootpack.  The rappers are having a good time just doing their thing.  Lord Quas, Madlib's helium-sucking alter ego, makes a few appearances here, which I assume are his first.

In all, this is a very decent mix, and clocking in at 34 tracks in 65 minutes, it's not something that ever gets boring.

The liner notes contain a comic spoofing the 90s gangsta aesthetic by Benjamin Marra.  It tells the story of Rapper X, who in addition to sleeping with the mayor's daughter, kills a whole pile of cops.  Good times...

- snippets of comedy
- end features lyrics from CDP; 1st appearance of Lord Quas?

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