Friday, July 9, 2010

iZombie #3

Written by Chris Roberson
Art by Michael Allred

I've been on the fence about adding this book to my pull-list, but half way through this latest issue, I realized that I really am starting to like some of the characters in the book.  Gwen, the titular zombie, who only has to eat brains about once a month to continue functioning is an interesting protagonist.  I like the conceit that she is privy to the memories and desires of her meals, making her feel the imperative to solve the mysteries of their deaths (if there is one).  Her companion, the forty-years dead ghost Ellie is a cute foil.

The character I see the most potential in is Scott, the werewolf geek who has been carrying a torch for Gwen for a while now.  In this issue, there is a full-moon, and he has to disregard his usual prohibition on going out, simply because Gwen asked him for some information.

Also of interest is the group of vampires preying on the town - on Scott's friend in this issue - and the two mysterious men that seem to be hunting them.  Roberson is taking his time in establishing the facts of this title, and has reached a point where there is more than enough going on to keep me interested.

Having Michael Allred, one of the best artists in comics today, working on the book of course is a massive bonus.  Check this book out before it gets too far into its run to attract new readers.

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