Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Resurrection #12

Written by Marc Guggenheim and David Guggenheim
Art by Justin Greenwood and Zach Lehner

Another independent title hits the one-year mark this week with Resurrection.  I guess the title has been running longer, seeing as this is the second volume, but that only makes things more impressive.  This run has been very consistent, both in terms of its quality and in its ability to meet shipping deadlines, which is, I'm sure, no small part of its success.  Granted, the book is split into two stories so that Guggenheim and Greenwood are only doing a little more than half of each issue, but I'd much prefer this format (especially considering the quality, breadth, and depth of some of the back-ups) than getting longer stories less frequently.

With this issue, Sara tries to free her friend from the alien virus, while Clinton and Sara's ex explain to the cultists that they want to take Spock (the Acolyte) with them out of Baltimore to find out the secrets of the bugs' invasion.  I hope we get to some of that stuff soon, as I'm quite interested to learn what all has been going on, and why Spock would claim that his silence protects the humans.

The back-up is good, but a little familiar.  I'm going to assume that David Guggenheim is related to Marc in some way, and his story is a bit of a re-tread of some of the themes we've seen before in this spot.  Still, it's capably written and looks nice.

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