Thursday, July 22, 2010

Resurrection #13

Written by Marc Guggenheim
Art by Justin Greenwood

There are a few reasons why this issue is pretty notable.

1.  The last issue came out just last week.
2.  This issue has a full-length story, instead of the usual short main story followed by a back-up.
3.  This is the last issue of the series (at least, in its present numbering and format), something that I didn't notice when reading through the last couple of months worth of Previews, which surprises me, as I usually am more on top of these types of things.

Now, accepting all of the above, this is a pretty good issue, although I find that it is not a very satisfactory place to leave the story.  Sara and crowd are in the middle of a stand-off with the disciples of the Acolytes (aka Spock) over whether or not they should be allowed to take him out of Baltimore.  True to his character, Bill Clinton steps in to negotiate, and has a little chat with Spock about what the bugs were doing in invading Earth.  Sara doesn't accept Clinton's recommendations, and takes charge of things.

I would have expected a little more information to come to light in this issue, and therefore am disappointed.  At the same time, Guggenheim promises in a text piece that this series will be coming back, and that it is going on hiatus not because of poor sales, but because Guggenheim and Greenwood are going to be collaborating on a new project, called Stringers.  I don't know if that is to be a mini-series, an OGN, or an ongoing series, and I don't know what it's about (the preview image shows two guys, presumably reporters because of the TV camera shown, standing in front of an SUV).  I'm sure I'll check it out, as I like Guggenheim's writing, but after the end of this issue, I want them to get back on this title as soon as possible.

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