Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Orc Stain #4

by James Stokoe

Orc Stain is fast becoming my favourite oddball comic on the stands.  Stokoe is putting together a very strange, but very enjoyable story with this title.

Since the beginning of this book, we've known that the Orctzar, the leader of all the Orcs, has been hunting for a one-eyed Orc whose ability to open things will provide him with great power.  Our protagonist, One-Eye, has not run into the Orctzar's people until this issue, in which he finds himself in some swamps after his daring escape from trouble last issue.

One Eye is being looked after by Bowie, a female poison thrower, who is really only looking out for her own interests.  When the Orctzar's men arrive, stuff goes all crazy, as it often does in this book.

While the story is diverting and enjoyable, it is the art that really makes this comic unique.  Stokoe is giving us a Geof Darrow level of detail, but with a Brandon Graham level appreciation of weirdness and whimsy.  The book is continually visually surprising, and is stunning.  I really like the colours that Stokoe uses, and when I see how much he is putting into this book, I am amazed that this issue was not later arriving than it was.  Amazing stuff.

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