Saturday, July 31, 2010

Scourge of the Gods: The Fall #1-3

Written by Valérie Mangin
Art by Aleksa Gajic

I recently read the first volume of this series, and immediately wanted to read the second

Where the first volume was concerned with the war between the Huns and the Roman Empire, as carried out by two people believed to be gods, this volume deals with the Roman pantheon, and explains all of the strange coincidences or fantastical elements of the first story.

It opens with one of the best comics I've read in ages.  The first issue packs more story, excitement, and luscious art than a year's worth of a North American superhero series.  It shows the end of the war, as Attila tries one desperate measure after another to destroy the Roman forces.  Once he is taken prisoner, his status as an immortal is confirmed, and eventually both he and Favia/Kerkik are executed by being sent into the sun.

Seeing as there are still two issues remaining after that, you can be assured that is not the last you will see of them.  Instead, they wake up on Olympus, and meet the other 'gods', although they quickly learn that the gods were all once human, and Favia (now Venus), and Attila (now Mars), rebel against their creators.

The story, from this part, is much more fantastic, although grounded in strange comic book physics, and remains quite good throughout.  I really enjoyed this series, and recommend checking it out.  The writing is less dense or confusing in this volume, and the art is incredible.

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