Thursday, July 29, 2010


Written by Kieron Gillen and Sam Humphries
Art by Marc Ellerby and Rob G

I didn't pick this up when it came out last week because of the price.  I figured I'd trade-wait it or get it at a con some day, but then the manager at my comic store encouraged me to take a second look, and I'm glad he did.

I couldn't care less about punk or the history of punk music, but I do like it when Kieron Gillen makes comics about music, and I've liked Rob G's stuff for a long time (although I think it's a shame they didn't work together on this comic).  I also like comics that have a strong sense of time and place, and that is something this new anthology series has in spades.

There are two stories in this issue.  The first has a punk wanna-be experience a Dickensian moment, and get visited by the three ghosts of punk - two ghosts of punk past (one giving the romantic side of things, the other more actuarial in his focus) and the ghost of punk future.  It's a nice primer on the history of the famous New York club, and it's a cute story.  The second story is set in the late 70s, and tells us about a punk kid who discovers that his recently deceased uncle once played CBGB.

This is an odd little project, and very much a labour of love, which makes it deserving of some support.

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