Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Secret History Book 11: Nadia

Written by Jean-Pierre Pécau
Art by Igor Kordey

It's been only two weeks since the last issue of this book came out, which is impressive.  I'm glad that Archaia's so on the ball these days, although I'm wondering what's up with Okko...

Anyway, the first few pages of this volume were, I think, written just for me, as Pablo Picasso visits a secretive brothel, the cost of admission to which is a card with a picture on it.  This is because Reka's putting together a new deck of cards, and to finish it, she has recruited a group of artists that include Klimt, Man Ray, Dali, and Egon Schiele (who didn't die of the Spanish influenza!).

The name-dropping doesn't end there, as Pécau uses this issue to explain a large number of strange events from the early days of the Second World War, such as the utter destruction by the Nazis of the village of Lidice, a bizarre meeting on the Isle of Man with Churchill, and the mysterious death of a person informing on Meyer Lansky.

The story jumps around quite a bit, but there are some seriously pivotal scenes in this issue, as both the War and the game continue.

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