Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Meta 4 #2

by Ted McKeever

I'm still not really understanding a single thing with this, but that's not stopping me from enjoying it a lot.  I think that my standards and expectations are so different with a Ted McKeever book, that things that I usually see as important, like a coherent plot, count for very little, as I prefer to ride the waves of weirdness, and just enjoy his wacked-out figures, and bizarre aesthetic.

What we know in this issue is that the amnesiac astronaut guy is now hanging out with the woman who was wearing the Santa Claus suit, who only speaks in symbols.  Astronaut-dude is trying to figure out who he is, while the woman (named Gasolina in solicitation text, but not yet named in the comic) tattoos a recognizable symbol on some woman's ass.

Also, the police whose radio conversation transcripts we are reading are calling in SWAT.  And some woman shoots a bird.  I think that's about it.

And, as odd as it all sounds, like I said, I'm really enjoying it.  This is supposed to be an 'allegorical series', and the title is a pretty obvious (although I somehow didn't notice it at first) play on the idea of metaphoric comics.  I just don't know what things are allegories or metaphors for.  I still have three more issues to figure that out, right?

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