Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Killer: Modus Vivendi #4

Written by Matz
Art by Luc Jacamon

This issue has come hot on the heels of the last, which is especially nice when you consider that the two books were originally published as one in France.

The Killer finishes off his business in Cuba, and returns home, where the Venezuelan army has taken over, due to the CIA's help, which came mostly in the form of the Killer's last few contracts.  He meets with his employers, while under the protection of Mariano's men, and learns that once again, things are even more complicated than he had originally realized.

This issue has a very cool action sequence, which Jacamon has altered digitally, moving slivers of the art around, to give the impression of speed and confusion.  It looked odd at first, but as the sequence continued, I realized how cool and effective it was.  This has been an interesting series, and I look forward to reading its conclusion.

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