Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Taddle Creek

Christmas 2009

This is my first regular issue of Taddle Creek (my previous experience being limited to the comics issue), and I'm pleased with it. I've been feeling the need to be more connected with the city, in terms of the arts that it produces, and this periodical scratches that itch quite nicely (one of the stories is set blocks from where I grew up).

What I liked about this issue:

Why, Zanta?... Why?... is a wonderful comic treatment of Zanta, the notorious Toronto character, known for doing push-ups on the streets of Toronto wearing shorts and a Santa hat. It's done by Jason Kieffer, whose book on local street people will be the subject of a posting in another week or so.

Terry Murray has a nice piece about Merle Foster, the Toronto sculptress and philanthropist.

There is a collection of four of Michael Cho's alley scenes. I bought two of these prints at the first TCAF I attended, and it's really nice to see more of these being displayed. They are wonderful pieces of art.

Nathaniel G. Moore has a couple of excerpts from his new work Savage. These pieces about a boy growing up in North Leaside were like a direct injection of nostalgia. I will definitely keep an eye out for the finished product.

The other stories in this issue, by Heather Hogan, Cary Fagan, and Stacey May Fowles were also all decent efforts.

In all, a very good magazine, well worth picking up.

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