Saturday, December 5, 2009

Captain Blood #2

Written by Matthew Shepherd
Art by Michael Shoyket

I was a little surprised to see this book solicited again. I figured this would be exactly the type of comic that doesn't make it under the new Diamond cut-off policy.

This is the type of small, random project that I like to support sometimes. It's a much more honest attempt to revive the pirate genre than Jamie Delano's recent Rawbone, and I have been enjoying the story here. Captain Blood is portrayed as a complicated man, as in this issue, he signs the articles to become a pirate. Instead of being portrayed as simply a victim of circumstance, he is making a choice to embrace this lifestyle, although he does manage to maintain his sense of morals.

Like in the first issue, the art is only okay. It's unfinished look continues to bother me at first, but I'm usually adjusted within a few pages.

Like I said, this is a unique project, and one I hope will be able to continue.

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