Saturday, December 19, 2009

Crate Digging: My Last and Best Album

by Braintax

The title of this album pretty much sums things up: Braintax's last album is his best. It is a remarkably consistent album, even while Braintax makes use of a wide range of beats.

On this disk, he again refuses to shy away from uncomfortable topics, focusing his indignation on Israel ("I hate Israel but I don't hate Israelis" is a lyric that should speak to many people around the world), the media, consumerism, urbanism, and once again, British culture.

The back cover provides us with handy descriptions of each track, such as 'uptempo fidgety tea break', 'uptempo dusty shizz', and 'epic head-nod eco drama'. It's unfortunate that Braintax has chosen to retire from the music industry, but it's hip-hop - there's always hope for a comeback.

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