Friday, December 4, 2009

The Sword #20

by the Luna Brothers

This is the first issue of The Sword to be published since September, and I don't feel that the long delay has had any effect on my enjoyment of the story. The Luna Brothers have been putting out a consistently strong comic with this title, although I have no clue what happened to their schedule, which used to be one of the most dependable books Image was putting out.

In this issue, Dara breaks with her best friend Julie, as the two debate the effect that the sword is having on Dara's judgment and personality. At the same time, Dara plays into Malia's media-savvy hands, making a few mistakes in managing her public image.

There is another flashback that helps flesh out Dara's character. It is the careful and measured approach to characterization that has made this such a successful comic in my mind. Yes, I like the look that the Lunas bring to their work, but I think they are growing as writers and becoming more subtle in their handling of emotion and motivation.

I wanted to say something mean about the first letter in the letters column, but now feel bad about that. Still, why put a disclaimer that letters are edited for length and spelling, when you do neither? Grammar is a good thing too....

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