Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wildcats Vol. 4: Battery Park

Written by Joe Casey
Art by Sean Phillips and Steve Dillon

While I've been trying to systematically read Joe Casey's Wildcats run (spread over two series of the title), this volume had been eluding me for a while. I was quite pleased to find it in a sale box on Boxing Day this week.

This entire book feels like Casey sweeping away some old sub-plots in order to position the book Version 3.0. In short order, this book: sets up Jack Marlowe with Void's powers, helps Marlowe set out a business plan, fills Wax in on what the team is all about, and shuffles Voodoo, Zealot, Maul, and Noir off the stage. It also introduces Agent Orange.

It's an odd volume, first because it lacks a larger narrative structure, and because it has an ugly cover by Sean Phillips, the only one I think he's ever made. It does fill in a few gaps for my Version 3.0 reading, for which I am now only missing one issue...

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