Saturday, December 19, 2009

Forgetless #1

Written by Nick Spencer
Art by Scott Forbes and Marley Zarcone

Forgetless appears to have been influenced by elements of Phonogram, Local, and Final Crisis Aftermath: Dance. That's a pretty eclectic mix of comics, but it works here.

Forgetless is some kind of club night/event in New York City, and the Forgetless event in question is the last one (although people have heard that before). The comic is split between two stories, with vastly different subject matters and art styles, although both are concerned with people going to Forgetless.

The first story, drawn by Forbes (in a style that is equal parts Luna Brothers and Waltz With Bashir), concerns two smart-assed models, who post endlessly on Twitter, and who moonlight as assassins. This is the first contract for one of the girls, whose prey is planning on attending Forgetless. Therefore, they go too. There's also a guy in a koala suit.

The second story, drawn by Zarcone, is about a trio of teens living somewhere in Jersey, who are desperate to escape to New York in general, and desperate to attend the final Forgetless in particular. The only problem is that they are under-age, and under-funded. Zarcone's art reminds me a little of Cloonan and Lolos, and chronicles the kids as they go about attempting to purchase fake ID.

I'm not sure if each issue of this mini-series will be divided into these two stories, or if other tales will also be told, but I'm definitely intrigued enough to stick around for the rest of the run, and recommend this to anyone looking for something a little different.

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