Friday, December 18, 2009

Ex Machina #47

Written by Brian K. Vaughan
Art by Tony Harris

Immediately upon opening this comic, I thought that there had been a change in the art team. It was still obviously Tony Harris, but I expected to see a new colourist or perhaps an inker pitch hitting. According to the credits, things are status quo, yet Harris's art looks different in this issue; more finished and textured than usual. As much as I'm a fan of his work normally, I think it looks fantastic here.

As this book moves closer to its conclusion, big things are happening. One character I was quite fond of makes his or her exit in this issue, and it's something that is going to have a huge effect on Mitchell when he finds out about it. The finale for this book is going to be massive.

At the same time, Vaughan has not lost what makes this book so special. There's a great scene where Hundred and Bradbury are all caught up in the main plot, and are slinking around Gracie Mansion in super-hero mode, when they are interrupted by Mitchell's lawyer. Instantly, he turns back into a politician, and the abortion pill debate continues. It's nice work.

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