Saturday, December 19, 2009

Days Missing #5

Written by Phil Hester
Art by Frazer Irving

This has been an interesting series, a key attraction of which has been the rotating creative teams. Wisely, the final issue of the first volume ends as it began, with work by Hester and Irving, the most accomplished of the creators of this comic.

The Steward has been attempting to fix a huge issue - the sudden appearance of a sentient nanite colony which threatens to destroy the Earth in the usual 'gray goo' scenario. Each time he folds a day, erasing it from history, he fails at his mission. This issue chronicles his ninth attempt, and how he deals with "a nuclear weapon having an acute existential crisis". That Hester takes a more philosophical than action-based approach to this story is what makes the book interesting, as does the revelation of the ending, which I imagine opens the door to a possible Volume 2 (which will hopefully not have Dale Keown on covers).

Hester and Irving turn in some great work here, although I'd still prefer to see them working on Firebreather and Gutsville (respectively).

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