Sunday, December 27, 2009

Solo #5

by Darwyn Cooke

Cooke, like the series Solo itself, is something I've grown to appreciate now much more than I did a few years ago. This is an amazing anthology of Cooke's work.

The stories in this book are framed by short pieces featuring Slam Bradley, the hard-nosed DC P.I., drinking at a place called Jimmy's. Between these short pieces, are a number of different stories, in a few different genres. This book features King Faraday, the Question, Batman, some guy who loves vacuum cleaners, and the young Darwyn Cooke himself.

It is that piece, an autobiographical tale of how he came to develop his passion for art, that stands out as the strongest in this comic, but each story has its own merits, and its own artistic style.

Cooke is a mercurial and talented artist. I really need to go get a copy of his Parker the Hunted...

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