Saturday, December 19, 2009

False Hopes XIV

by Sims

Sims comes off as the most optimistic and happy of the Doomtree crew. I don't mean to imply that the rest of them make music that is dark or cynical; it's just that he seems to project a more upbeat persona through his music. He doesn't appear to have the angry ambition of POS and Mictlan, nor seem as soul-searchingly poetic as Cecil Otter. He also lacks the mercurial nature of Dessa.

Basically, he's the one that can turn out a pile of tracks that are technically skilled, intelligent, and uplifting, which basically describes this installment in the False Hopes series.

Beats are provided by Doomtree regulars Lazerbeak, MK Larada, Paper Tiger, and POS, although there are also tracks produced by Medium Zach and Noam the Drummer. The only guest on this short ep is Omaur Bliss.

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