Friday, October 23, 2009

Zero Killer #6

Written by Arvid Nelson
Art by Matt Camp

I've read that Zero Killer is supposed to have a second arc or mini-series at some point in the near future, and it's clear at the end that Nelson is leaving the door open for that.

This issue is pretty much all action, and it works quite well, except for the character of Dahlia. I can't remember if she appeared in the first few issues (they did come out over a year ago), or if she's a new addition to the cast. Either way, I needed a little more exposition when Zero went to her place.

Camp's art has been strong throughout this title, and as in Rex Mundi, Nelson's world-building skills are on display throughout, especially in the text-pieces at the end.

I enjoyed this title, and would definitely be on-board for any follow up offerings.

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Arvid Nelson said...

Thank you once again for the kind words! Yeah, Dahlia appeared in Issue 1... can't blame anyone for not remembering her! Just another result of us taking such a long break.

I hope it will read better in a collection!