Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Walking Dead #66

Written by Robert Kirkman
Art by Charlie Adlard and Cliff Rathburn

I've made no secret of how much I love this book. It has been consistently one of my top-five monthlies for a few years now, and I always find it praiseworthy.

That all said, this is one of the best issues I've read in a while. The opening scenes have Rick and company stooping to a new level of brutality, and they are executed with a series of silent splash pages or large panels, which really show off Adlard's skill.

Later, Rick has a couple of important conversations. The first is with Dale, who is close to death. This scene is played perfectly; Kirkman is able to resist easy sentiment, and instead creates an emotionally powerful scene. Later, Rick bares his soul to Abraham, although that doesn't work out the way he expected.

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