Sunday, October 25, 2009

Robotika: For a Few Rubles More #3&4

by Alex Sheikman (with David Moran)

Well, I'm really glad that I read the hardcover of the original book this week, as I definitely wouldn't have been able to follow this comic at all, which is strange since the first double issue went down quite smoothly on its own.

First, this is a lovely comic. Sheikman's art is terrific - it reminds me a little of Steve Skroce with a dash of Moebius. The problem tends to be one of pacing and exposition. The second half (issue 4) uses a three-tiered storytelling technique, which works quite well. I don't think we need the entire page explaining this though. John Byrne never explained when he did stuff like this back in Fantastic Four, and that was for a younger, and less comics-sophisticated audience.

I'm not sure if Sheikman is planning on continuing this series or not. It's a fun book - the whole cyber-samurai steampunk thing is cool. I think he needs a little more schooling in plot though....

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