Saturday, October 24, 2009

Cowboy Ninja Viking #1

Written by AJ Lieberman
Art by Riley Rossmo

This is an odd one. The title and Rossmo's artwork got this an immediate order when I saw the solicitation a few months ago, but I really had no clue what this comic was going to be about. I still didn't, until I got to the last few pages, and even then, some stuff is unclear.

Basically, Dr. Ghislain is some major power-broker, along the lines of the guy running the show in Warren Ellis's 'No Hero'. He has a lot of connections, and carries a lot of power in the world. He was involved in some sort of counter-terrorism program that involved training Triplets - people with three distinct and stable personalities - to be assassins, or agents, or something.

The Cowboy Ninja Viking is one such Triplet. Some guy named Yashitiko Ammo is another. I gather they don't like each other, and now that Ammo is diving for poisonous fish, they must fight. I imagine there will be a little more exposition somewhere along the way to explain that last bit.

Lieberman is taking a bit of a backwards approach to telling this story, and while it frustrated me at the beginning of this book, I was okay with it by the end. Rossmo's art is nice as always, but feels a little cramped, which is odd considering that this comic is in the new "Viking-size" that Image is playing with lately. Had this comic come out in a more standard sizing, I'm sure it would be very difficult to follow. Adding to that is the use of blue tones instead of colour - at times it has the effect of muddying up the art, and making it difficult to discern who is who.

In all though, I'm intrigued in this title, and will stick around for the remainder of it.

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