Saturday, February 21, 2009

Young Liars #12

by David Lapham

Young Liars has now been running for a year, and it is certainly the most unique book Vertigo publishes. In this issue, we learn that pretty much everything that has happened in the series so far could be a complete and total lie, as Danny is released from a mental institute. It would seem that almost everything that has happened from the point where he set himself on fire is a complete and total fabrication of his ill mind. Or is it?

I gave up a while ago on pretending like I knew what was happening in this book, and I find that causes me to enjoy it all the more. I trust that Lapham has some sort of plan in place for this series, and so, like with the TV show Lost, I just sit back, enjoy the ride, and try not to hurt myself by thinking about it all too much or too deeply. Lapham is a talented artist and writer, and I'm sure that when the story is done, it will all make perfect sense. At that point, I want to sit down, re-read the whole thing from the first issue, and most likely realize that the truth was obvious from the beginning.

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