Monday, February 2, 2009

Crate Digging: Magnificent City

by Aceyalone, accompanied by RJD2

Since there have been hardly any new releases of note lately, and I'm dying for some new music, I thought I'd start going back over some older albums, and see how they have held up since I took them out of regular rotation.

This was a good album when it came out, and it's held up really well. Aceyalone is an intelligent lyricist, equally able to tell a good story, or spit a standard rap song of braggadocio and swagger.

One thing that really makes this album shine is the production by RJD2. Some of the songs are experimental in nature, but others are straight up bangers. They weave together well though, and the album shifts from a very traditional start to a very spaced-out ending.

This is definitely an album that has held up very well in the 2-3 years since it was released.

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