Saturday, February 28, 2009

Unknown Soldier #5

Written by Joshua Dysart
Art by Alberto Ponticelli

This series continues to be one of the best Vertigo is publishing right now. Moses talks in this issue to both Howl, the CIA agent that has been searching for him, and his wife Sera, as he returns to the camp where he had been staying. Of course, the rebels are after him, leading to more violence, this time exposing his wife to the new world that is opening up around him.

As well, this issue shares a number of scenes in flashback of Moses's life before the series began, hinting that he might have some deeper connection to the CIA than he appeared to be aware. I like that Dysart has waited this long to start weaving in some of these threads - he allowed the first arc to stand on its own immediate action and drama, but he is also hinting at where this series is headed, providing a reason to stay with it.

As with previous issues, I find the art impressive, and I love the power of the cover by Igor Kordey.

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