Friday, February 27, 2009

Fear Agent #26

Written by Rick Remender and Gerry Duggan
Art by Tony Moore, John Lucas, and Alessandro Bragalini

The 'I Against I' story arc is getting close to finishing, and I don't think any issues of Fear Agent have been solicited after the next one, so I'm afraid that this series might be ending.

In a lot of ways, that seems to make sense, as many of the longest running plot-lines appear to be close to resolution. In this issue, Heath fights himself, and Andi makes her big move. The action is pretty intense, and it looks like the next issue is going to be amazing.

The 'Tales of the Fear Agent' feature is excellent this month, as Gerry Duggan (who I hope is also working on Infinite Horizon), writes an amusing story about the slow pace of space travel. It's illustrated by Alessandro Bragalini, an artist I'm unfamiliar with, but whose art reminds me of earlier Eric Nguyen.

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