Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hotwire: Requiem for the Dead #1

Story by Warren Ellis
Adapted by Steve Pugh

Steve Pugh's run, with Jamie Delano, on Animal Man back in the 90s is still one of my favourite runs on any Vertigo comic ever, and so I've always kept an eye on his career. Although I haven't, up to now, been interested in any of the books being put out by Radical Comics, the news that Pugh was pairing up with Warren Ellis caught my attention.

Their book, Hotwire, is an interesting title. It's about a police exorcist, for some reason named Hotwire, in a world where the dead are returning in the form of ghosts that follow the laws of physics. It all has something to do with wireless technology. It's a very Warren Ellis concept, and Hotwire is a very Warren Ellis type of character - all the other cops hate her, and even though she claims a strict adherence to 'the rules', she pretty much does whatever she wants.

Pugh's art in this book is fantastic. The look is very similar to the work he did on the recent Shark-Man for Image - it's a photo-realistic painted look, with lots of oddly shaped panels and strange desing elements (like Hotwire's bike helmet).

The book has an interesting idea behind it, and I'll be around to see how it plays out for the next three issues.

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