Sunday, February 1, 2009

Speto Da Rua (Dirty Brasilian Crates Volume 1)

by Madlib

I am pretty much permanently in awe of Madlib. He is in my opinion the greatest producer alive, and pretty much the most prolific as well. The mix cd does not feature his original compositions, but is instead a mix of music that he acquired on a trip to Brazil in 2007.

This mix takes the listener through a blend of Brazilian jazz, funk, bossa nova, and whatever else he decided to throw in. As a sample of the musical output of Brazil, this cd leaves me wanting a lot more. I recognize some parts of the mix - there is a familiar sample from (I think) the Madvillain cd here.

My complaint with this disk is that it is all one track, and there are no liner notes or other ways in which any of the music can be identified. As an introduction to Brazilian music, this fails in letting me search out any of the artists or their work, which is unfortunate.

Regardless, this is a great mix, and is only the first of six, if the Mochilla website is to be believed.


Anonymous said...

can you post it?

Anonymous said...

No can post. Don't be a cheapsake and support the artist. Go buy the cd.