Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Great Unknown #1

by Duncan Rouleau

This is a very interesting start to this new series from Man of Action Duncan Rouleau. It's all about Zach Felb, a person who is by all accounts a genius, but he has yet to make anything of his life. He's a drunk and a misanthrope, and he's haunted by the fact that all of his great ideas end up being products created by someone else. As he is inclined towards paranoia, he's not all that surprised when, at the end of the issue, he receives some information that he is perhaps involved in some form of conspiracy.

Rouleau does a fantastic job of setting up this story. The issue begins somewhere in the middle of the story, a fact admitted by Zach, who then attempts to back up the narrative to a proper starting point. We get to meet his little older brother, and then eventually his parents, as they try to surprise him with a cable TV enter-taint-ervention.

Rouleau's art makes use of thick, chunky lines, and the entire book is coloured in a drab blue palette. It's an interesting choice, as it isn't all that inviting at first, but becomes quite alluring, especially when some items - a light bulb, or a slice of pizza, get a proper colour treatment.

I wasn't sure if this was a series I was going to be interested in - I didn't hear good things about Rouleau's recent Metal Men series - but I'm definitely going to be reading this title.

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