Saturday, February 7, 2009

Soul Kiss #1

Written by Steven T. Seagle
Art by Marco Cinello

I've long enjoyed Steven T. Seagle's comic work. His takes on the X-Men and Alpha Flight were some of the better books being published by Marvel at the time they came out, and his Vertigo series House of Secrets was something I highly enjoyed. His graphic novel 'It's a Bird' is a classic. And then there was American Virgin, his criminally short-lived title with Becky Cloonan..... All of this made Soul Kiss a guarenteed purchase for me, which is not something I regret, now that I've read it.

This issue is mostly about set-up - we meet Lili (not Lillian!), an underpaid production assistant with big dreams, as she is tending to her broken down car somewhere in Arizona. She is approached by a redneck local, who attempts to take advantage of her. Somehow, this leads to her making a deal with the devil, which has consequences she didn't expect. The issue is done pretty quickly, but leaves us with a strong premise for the next five issues. Seagle is able to flesh Lili out for us very quickly, and she becomes a very strong character.

The art in this book is by Marco Cinello, who I've never heard of, but who reminds me a little bit of Teddy Kristiansen, Seagle's partner on House of Secrets and It's a Bird. The book has a very rough, sketchy feel to it in places, and in other spots, it slows down and Cinello explores a scene and its emotional gravity.

This is shaping up to be a very good series.

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