Saturday, February 28, 2009

Gigantic #3

Written by Rick Remender
Art by Eric Nguyen

Remender continues his giant-monster-smackdown comic Gigantic, and it's a good read. Gigantic has a bit of angry family time, and then rushes to the center of the Earth to stop a television crew from shutting down the core, running in to Iconoclast, one of the great comic book characters of 2009 along the way.

This is a full-out blockbuster movie kind of comic, and therein lie some of its flaws. There was a subplot concerning Gigantic's neice's boyfriend in the last two issues, which doesn't exist in this one. As well, I'm not sure that the relationship between Gigantic and his brother is handled very realistically either. But then, this comic has service elevators that go to the Earth's core, and that makes up for any other faults.

Nguyen's art is continuing to bother me. I've noticed the same thing with his recent issues of Marvel's The Eternals - he's drawing much more like a traditional superhero artist. I am a huge fan of his earlier work, and wish he'd return to his more open, flowing style of art. It worked great on the first issue of this book.

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Anonymous said...

Is this blog written by Remender's mom? Seriously, the writing on this book blows.