Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ghost Projekt #1

Written by Joe Harris
Art by Steve Rolston

When I saw this project solicited, I was quick to add it to my pull-list on the strength of Steve Rolston's involvement. I like his art, and like to support local artists. I had no idea who Joe Harris is, but I have a lot of trust in Oni Press's ability to put out interesting and enjoyable comics.

As it turns out, I got just what I expected, a compelling new comic. The book opens with two thieves poking around a decommissioned Soviet-era research station, creepily filled with baby cribs and a fetus in a jar. They steal some hidden canisters, but only after opening one by error, and setting off an alarm.

A week later, there is a confrontation between two of the scientists that worked on Project Dosvidanya, as the program was known.

A week after that, two American inspectors are in the same research station, and have a run-in with some Russian police, who have discovered that many of the people originally involved in the project have been murdered, with strange welts on their foreheads being the only clue to the cause of their death. While all of this is happening, animals and children in the area are beginning to see something strange in the sky.

It's a good set up. The notion of arcane or sadistic Soviet experiments is nothing new, but it's always interesting. Harris does a good job of establishing the characters, and Rolston's art looks as good as always. Oni does stories like this very well.

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