Saturday, March 6, 2010

Demo Vol. 2 #2

Written by Brian Wood
Art by Becky Cloonan

Okay, creepy.

This issue of Demo is a really interesting look into obsession and self-control, as the protagonist tries to adjust his meticulously observed and well-planned eating regimen for a potential new love interest in his life. As I started the book, I thought at first that the guy, who is crazy skinny, was simply suffering from some form of eating disorder, but as is eventually revealed, it's much worse than that.

This is a very quiet issue, as Wood allows Cloonan to tell much of the story without dialogue or exposition. She conveys to us the extreme levels of thinness that surround the main character, including his sparsely-furnished home.

I found myself reacting quite strongly to this issue (it's hard to write about without giving anything away), and found the line, "Everyone likes chicken. You can like chicken too" to be quite funny. I would love to have found out how the barbecue went....

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